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EXCL: Bayern's edge over Liverpool for Alonso, Man Utd exits on the cards, TRUTH about Mudryk and Arsenal, surprise Barcelona manager developments, and more

Today's exclusive column, featuring Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal and much more!

Bayern’s possible advantage over Liverpool in the race for Xabi Alonso

Is Xabi Alonso going to Liverpool or Bayern? I think he doesn’t know at the moment. So imagine me! It’s too early to know where he’s going, but I really think it’s going to be a really important month, I would say, because the discussion, the internal discussion at these two clubs have already started.

The advantage for Bayern is that they already have a structure in place, whereas Liverpool still need to hire a new director. The interest from Liverpool is absolutely there - they still want Xabi Alonso as a priority target, but both clubs, Liverpool and Bayern, have alternatives as well. They have other candidates because they know that it’s going to be not an easy fight.

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