Reading what we have about Ronaldo he has lots of money and doesn’t need more money. He’s more interested in his legacy and smashing records he wants to be remembered as the greatest player ever. So I’d suggest a CL club would be his preference however he would probably smash new signing and earning records with this deal so he would still be creating some history towards his legacy. We shall see, I just think unless he’s playing and can be guaranteed playing time he wouldn’t be interested he wants to keep playing every week but a CL team would not be able to provide him that assurance.

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Agreed, after looking at the teams that are left in CL, the teams are stacked. I mean does CR7 have to play 60-75 mins per game? No, he would probably be most effective at 35-45 mins, 50 mins TOPS!

I always thought Bayern Munich would be a great place for CR7 but their team is stacked.

Possible teams I think CR7 could land, not knowing the teams financial status or overall team chemistry but just from a positional standpoint;

Inter Milan



Eintracht Frankfurt

Borussia Dortmund

Barring key injuries, etc.... Ronaldo has a chance to land with a CL competing team in January.


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Fantastic stuff as always, Fabrizio!

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Nov 30, 2022Liked by Fabrizio Romano

Fabrizio, I don’t about this! Cristiano made his name in Europe. I just don’t see how he leaves Europe for a league that isn’t competitive or is in the bright lights of the EPL, La Liga, Champions League, etc. He stated that he wants to compete in CL play.

Ultimately, these are “feelers” to set his market per say. His agent is the best in world, there are teams in the EPL who are competing in the CL that don’t want to be mentioned. It’s all strategy in my opinion. HE STAYS IN EUROPE, PERIOD!

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CR7 should has git enough money. He should just be chasing class right now.

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I think Chelsea should take him on a free for 6 months.

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Fabz, honestly I wish he could land a UCL team but not in England obviously but the idea of making another league shine even if its for a year sounds good, as of now he's not really after the money but just to play and win, maybe he can try Juventus for another season and who knows ??

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